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logo_fkw is a one-person software development company based in France near the Swiss border, halfway between Besançon, Lausanne and Geneva.


In addition to software development skills, I have business expertise in the environment, biodiversity and forest management, coupled with very solid experience in business management and in-depth knowledge of how a company operates (communication, human resources, financial aspects).

Thanks to this experience, the development of IT solutions, whatever the field of professional activity or the aspect concerned, is accelerated.


The use of development technologies based on the creation and assembly of components allows me to create more or less complex interfaces, easy to maintain and evolve.


The applications developed, whether websites or full-fledged applications, are responsive and adapted to mobilesThey can be associated with databases such as MySQL or MongoDB for example.


Highcharts JS is a library including all essential chart types: line, bar, area, column, as well as many combined and advanced types. It is mobile friendly.

Used with React it allows me to offer an efficient and elegant global solution for the graphical representation of data.


Leaflet is the leading open source JavaScript library for interactive maps.

Used with OpenStreetMap and combined with React, it is a very good tool for geographical representation.

logo_fkw has very solid skills in these different technologies and a long experience in in the design and development of online applications and websites. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want us to review your project together or if you want to strengthen your development team on specific projects.